Dr. Newtons Naturals

About the Company

The Dr. Newton’s Naturals story began in 1995 with three family members in a one-room office, that has since expanded to include a talented staff of over 120 employees in our South Portland headquarters. Together we have gained the trust of nearly two million satisfied customers. All this was accomplished by holding fast to two simple concepts:

  • Develop products, industry relationships, and employee skill sets that are truly exceptional.
  • Continually reinvest back into the company to ensure further innovation and growth.

With a proven portfolio of brands – such as CalMax, SuperC22, and Nu-Zymes just to name a few – we are now in a position to reach the next level of success. Dr. Newton’s Naturals aims to be the nation’s #1 source for natural vitamins and supplements by our 25th anniversary. Our team will turn this goal into a reality by rolling out one-of-a-kind products and advanced alternative healthcare technologies year after year.

Strong affiliations with cutting-edge laboratories give us a huge competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our signature weekly radio show and the development of new advertising channels are building more awareness and sales each day.

Dr. Newton’s Naturals continues to grow, diversify, and do what comes naturally. Whether that means providing the best natural health solutions money can buy, or giving back to local charities and international relief efforts. Dr. Newton’s contributes regularly to non-profits, such as Portland Trails and the Maine Children’s Cancer Program. Together we can make a difference in the lives and health of our customers and community!