Dr. Newtons Naturals


The Dr. Newton’s Naturals story began in 1995 with three family members in a one-room office. We started with an idea that grew to the company we are today with over 120 employees in our South Portland office. 

In the beginning, we were called “Media Power” and we offered a diverse line of health products. In an effort to find an affordable advertising method, we turned to radio. Talk radio stations often sought out guests to provide content. Our doctors would discuss health issues and answer questions provided we were allowed to give out a phone number for listeners that wanted more information about our products. This format worked well for several years, but eventually radio stations changed their focus.

We began our own radio show, “Discoveries in Health”, which was a scripted informercial explaining the benefits of natural nutritional supplements. Our phone lines lit up again.

Following that, we ventured into TV advertising. It was costly, but worth it. However, the tragedy of 911 changed the marketplace again.

We’ve now diversified our advertising, turning again to radio, as well as social networking and direct mail. Our ability to adapt with ever changing marketplace, as well as our dedication to providing the best possible all natural supplements and vitamins, has contributed to our continued success.

Pictured at right is our first location on York Street in Portland, Maine. The signage in the lobby read:
“Historically, this building housed a wood working business in the early 1800′s. It remains one of the few office buildings left standing after the Great Fire of July 4, 1866. The fire was ignited during the Independence Day celebration and destroyed most of the commercial buildings in the city. According to the records, “Employment is offorded to nine men, and a very large and growing business is done.” As you climb our staircase, take note of the architectural history that gives us our unique character and charm. Media Power is proud to offer employment opportunities to over 150 dedicated employees and embraces continuous growth with a passion for success.”